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Ketogenic diet

Finally fresh fruit again

Since we live very close to the mountains, we also have a very long winter in our region.  So it is not unusual that the first really warm spring days begin only in mid-April. All the more, after this time, the first beautiful days also slowly bring the anticipation of fresh regional fruits and vegetables. Of course, the beginning of the strawberry season is the introductory highlight.

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Elisabeth's profile

Name: Elisabeth

Country: Germany

Diagnosis: Epilepsy


Elisabeth Loves Berries Also, in line with Mother's Day in May, I like to bake a ketogenic strawberry cake that everyone can enjoy. Since I use KetoEpi instead of cream and MCT margarine instead of butter, this works wonderfully.

Of course, it would be nice if I could pick the strawberries or berries fresh from the field or bush together with Elisabeth, but unfortunately, this is difficult for us to implement:

Since Elisabeth loves berries, she naturally feels like she's in a candy store there and would love to eat everything unlimited until the last berry is gone 😊, which is entirely understandable! - Unfortunately, she can't do that due to her ketogenic diet.

So by using MCT fats, it's possible for her to snack without me having to worry too much about her diet.

Tip from Mum Sonja

MCT Fats Help

Fortunately, Elisabeth doesn't miss out on indulging. Thanks to the use of MCT fats, I have been able to develop delightful alternatives for us. One of Elisabeth's favorite breakfast dishes is berry muffins. I always use different varieties, including strawberries when they are in season. I bake several batches at once and freeze them for later. When Elisabeth sees me baking, she always joins in, of course. She loves licking the batter and nibbling on the fresh berries. Now, she shouldn't just snack on them without an appropriate balance of the necessary fats to maintain her ketosis. I've developed a very practical routine for this. In the fridge, there's a well-chilled KetoEpi drink ready for this purpose. The total weight of the berries is already pre-measured. This gives me a good sense of the quantities. If Elisabeth nibbles on a few berries in between, she simply drinks some KetoEpi. Elisabeth's ketosis responds very well and very quickly to MCT fats, and since KetoEpi contains a significant portion of these, I can quickly "offset" the carbohydrates from the berries. Ketosis is thus maintained very well, and we have no major fluctuations in blood values, which is very important for Elisabeth's seizure management.

I also take advantage of this benefit of MCT with other types of fruit and dishes. So, there are almost unlimited possibilities for us.

For example:

  • Thinly sliced apple rings with a filling of KetVit in the middle, creating a delicious "sandwich" for breakfast.
  • Mango or papaya processed with almond milk and MCT oil into a refreshing drink, similar to a smoothie.
  • KetoBiota mixed as yogurt or served with plant-based cream as whipped cream pairs wonderfully as a dessert with various types of berries or as a dip for melon strips.

Elisabeth particularly enjoys various nut butters combined with different fruits at the moment. I also add MCT oil to each nut butter. Adding a glass of KetoEpi enhances the possibilities even further.

As a snack on the go, a sandwich made with a slice of KetoSlices white, optionally with MCT margarine or oil and nut butter or KetVit as a spread, along with fruit "on top," is a great choice.

Even the oil can be conveniently portioned and sealed in pouches for easy transport and added directly to the bread just before preparation.

So, as you can see, MCT fats in practical, everyday-compatible forms like KetoEpi or KetoBiota, MCT Fiber, etc., bring many advantages for us. The fruit season under keto is saved for Elisabeth!

Enjoy your meals.

Sonja and Elisabeth

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