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Keto vacation must be learned - KetoEpi 2:1 and MCT oil make our lives easier

In a previous blog, I have already described that traveling always requires an intense preparation phase - especially with a toddler on a ketogenic diet. Elisabeth enjoys eating the same things in phases and then - quite suddenly overnight - expresses new food preferences. Therefore, we now limit our overnight stays to visits with grandparents and mainly focus on individual day trips. This way, I feel the safest - especially because the preparation of ketogenic meals has become somewhat easier as a result. In this case, I even like planning somehow.

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Elisabeths Steckbrief

Name: Elisabeth

Country: Germany

Diagnosis: Epilepsy

Ketogenic diet since: 

Favorite food:

Preparation is everything.

At my parents' place, I have access to a well-equipped kitchen. Additionally, they take care of Elisabeth while I can cook and prepare meals. Fortunately, I know all the local shopping options in great detail. In the corresponding supermarkets, I prefer to navigate in the "vegetarian/vegan" section. I primarily do it for health reasons, but also because many vegan products already have a relatively ketogenic nutritional profile. This allows me to easily integrate these products into my modular system.

At home, I usually bake my own ketogenic bread in advance and then quickly assemble a meal on-site with the products mentioned above, along with Kanso MCT Margarine, KetVit, or spreads. Currently, I prefer to use the bread recipe from KetoFlour because it turns out really well. Give it a try! It actually resembles real white bread! It not only looks like it's made with white flour but also tastes like it! Like white bread-toast!

Elisabeth loves the bread topped with stuffed bell peppers. For this, I buy small mini bell peppers, fill them with vegan cream cheese, and marinate them in MCT oil for an ideal ketogenic ratio. This is currently one of our favorite picnic meals, but it would also work excellently for a trip. Kanso offers MCT oil in convenient portion packets as well as in 500 ml cans. Additional ingredients can be purchased locally!

With appropriate (necessary) planning, many creative possibilities can be conjured up in everyday life.

Tipp von Mama Sonja

The lunchbox as a faithful companion in everyday life Currently, Elisabeth loves animal and amusement parks. I can already see the excitement and joy on her face when it's announced. However, for such an outing, I need to plan a bit more provisions. An exciting day like that can make you really hungry!

But with the right selection, that's not a problem at all. On occasion, I always bake a larger quantity of various muffins in advance, such as moist avocado brownies or berry cakes, and freeze them individually.

I love creating a finger-food lunchbox with muffins, various berries, nuts, and coconut chips. As a drink, we have KetoEpi 2:1. It pairs wonderfully in terms of taste and is also very convenient and easy to store. Such a lunchbox is always wonderfully versatile: A small cake pairs perfectly with KetoEpi 2:1! This way, Elisabeth can also join in on an adult coffee break without feeling left out! From the lunchbox, you can create another meal or snack: berries, nuts, and coconut chips combined with KetoEpi 2:1 make a sweet and refreshing ketogenic snack! This gives me two complete meals for Elisabeth in one lunchbox, and I only need a bottle of KetoEpi 2:1. Additionally, I can cover the MCT needs per meal this way!

But the flexibility of my lunchbox goes even further: If, for any reason, we need to change our plans at the last minute, for example, if only a short visit to the playground can take place, I simply divide the box accordingly. Often, just one muffin and KetoEpi 2:1 are enough to combat hunger in such cases!

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