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Nina's professional everyday life with ketogenic diet

Hello dear ones!

Today I would like to give you a little insight into how I integrate the ketogenic diet into my professional everyday life. I work as a speech therapist at a special school. Since my workday is tightly scheduled due to therapies, the necessary documentation and the cooperation with my colleagues, I hardly have time to prepare my food on site.

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Nina's profile

Name: Nina

Country: Germany

Diagnosis: Epilepsy

Ketogenic diet since: 2019

Favourite food: cold cucumber-avocado soup

My colleagues have the convenience of easily ordering a hot meal from the canteen or grabbing a sandwich from the bakery for a quick and delicious lunch. However, explaining my dietary choices to them, such as avoiding meat, sugar, and carbohydrates, isn't always straightforward. I don't necessarily want to disclose my epilepsy to every colleague, so I've found that the easiest solution for me is to prepare a keto lunchbox for work. This way, I can enjoy my meal during the break without drawing too much attention to my dietary preferences.

My motto for my meals at work is therefore: fast - delicious - keto!

Nina's tip for everyday professional life

Lunchtime for me begins the day before with planning and preparation, as soon as I open the fridge. My thoughts revolve around low carbohydrates, some protein, and healthy fats. The fridge usually presents me with peppers, tomatoes, avocado, and cheese, all of which I carefully weigh out and place into my keto lunchbox alongside some crispbread. For dessert, I enjoy a yogurt made with KetoBiota and fresh berries. The advantage of KetoBiota is that I can take the sealed pouch and my to-go muesli cup with berries to work. Once there, I simply add water from my bottle – and my keto yogurt is ready. For those who prefer a milkshake, adding a bit more water transforms it into a KetoBiota shake.

When I have a bit more time and leisure, I prepare a green salad with cucumber, avocado, and soy fillet strips the evening before for the next day. I add the dressing made from MCT oil and herbal salt or from KetoEpi, tahini, salt, and MCT oil at work. Alongside it, I have a KetoEpi drink.

With my salad or lunchbox, I sit with colleagues who are aware of my epilepsy and don't ask too many questions. During my break, I want to relax, eat, and not have to explain myself. Nowadays, my colleagues are always curious about what I have for lunch and often peek into my box.

Since I need to pay special attention to MCT fats, I can easily integrate KetoBiota or KetoEpi into my professional life because they are handy, delicious, and simple to prepare. Small helpers that I wouldn't want to miss are my lunchbox and to-go muesli bowl, along with a small lunch bag. In the summer, I can equip this lunch bag with ice packs to keep my meal at the right temperature.

Why do I place so much value on simple and quick cooking? You probably know the feeling when you get caught up chatting with colleagues, want to take a breath of fresh air, and suddenly your break is over. I experience the same. So, I need something handy and tasty for my keto meal. Of course, I go through phases where I can't stand crispbread or avocado salad anymore, so it's time to get creative and come up with something new. Maybe a KetoEpi smoothie with berries for the summer or an avocado-cucumber soup. I'll let myself be inspired and share it with you.

See you soon! Your Nina

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