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Ketogenic diet

Summer, Sun, BBQ fun!

BBQ, garden parties, and seasonal cuisine - that's what summer means to me. But how can we participate while on the ketogenic diet? I'm sure you're familiar with the situation when a big or small celebration is coming up, and you're wondering, 'What can I cook for myself without drawing too much attention? Can I perhaps modify the original recipe for me?'

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Nina' profile

Name: Nina

Country: Germany

Diagnosis: Epilepsy

Ketogenic diet since: 2019

Favorite food: cold cucumber avocado soup

Out and About in the Summer

In May, I had the situation twice - once for Father's Day and once for my mother's birthday. Fortunately, we had nice weather, and we could celebrate in the garden, maintaining enough distance due to COVID-19. When it comes to food, I try not to draw too much attention with my MAD (Modified Atkins Diet). So, I simply modified the Tuscan stew with dumplings and the mascarpone dessert for myself. On Father's Day, I rode my bike to my father's place, and I was quite proud of myself for managing the hilly route. As a gift, I baked something for him. I combined a keto cake recipe from my nutritionist with KetoBiota and blackberries. It brought me great joy that my father and his wife enjoyed it very much. During our next meeting, they asked me to cook or bake keto dishes for us more often.

Whether with family or friends, I'm a big fan of grilling and had to come up with something

Nina loves barbecuing

Ketogenic BBQ Fun

Does grilling also belong to summer for you? Since I mostly follow a ketogenic diet as a vegetarian or vegan and need to weigh everything, I can't just devour meat, kebabs, and other treats without hesitation. From the grill, I usually have Halloumi, a Greek grilled cheese, or tofu in sausage form. As a barbecue sauce, I use DelìMCT Cream or the Keto spreads from Kanso. I alternate between mayonnaise, tomato, and mushroom cream. I prepare the side separately, aiming for it to be primarily high in fat and low in carbohydrates. I particularly enjoy Ratatouille vegetables or fried asparagus. Originally, we always had oven-baked potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables. Unfortunately, potatoes have too many carbohydrates. For those who can't do without them, I highly recommend radishes instead. To completely replenish my ketone stores, I enjoy a delicious strawberry shake with Ketofibre as dessert. With these small changes, I manage to participate in barbecue parties as usual and don't feel excluded.

See you soon,

Your Nina



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