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Ketogenic diet

Starting the Keto Diet: One Step at a Time

When you receive a diagnosis of a rare disease for which there is no medicine to make it disappear, you feel like you're locked in a dark room. But when you're told that there's a therapy that can mitigate the effects of the disease, that's when the light returns...

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Sara's Profile

Name: Sara

Mother's Name: Tiziana

Country: Italy

Since: 2022 on the diet

Favorite Food: Bread and Nutella (KetVit by Kanso)


... This is what we experienced when we were told that our daughter Sara has Glut1 Deficiency and that the therapy could be the ketogenic diet. Right away, we understood that it wouldn't be easy, but the goal was to make Sara feel better, so we armed ourselves with patience...

The First Steps

Lots of patience, and we embarked on this journey. I can't deny that we made quite a few mistakes in our approach to the diet, but we didn't give up. We also realized that products containing MCT fats had an extremely positive impact on her ketone levels. However, we understood how crucial it was to introduce these products gradually to avoid her rejection and unexpected fluctuations in ketone levels. The support of products like Kanso Ketvit and Kanso DeliMCT CacaoBar proved to be valuable for her snacks and treats.

Die Geduld, die wir in diesen Prozess investiert haben, war nicht vergebens, sondern brachte konkrete Ergebnisse.

Tiziana (Sara's Mom)

Meals and Special Moments

Certainly, organizing meals is not easy, but with a lot of patience, even participating in birthday parties or snacks at friends' homes can be managed. The important thing is to share this need with others and make it clear that, with a little notice, even someone with a special dietary regimen can be easily accommodated.


Positive Effects

After 5 months from the start of the diet, my daughter told us that she was beginning to feel less tired, and headaches were less frequent. It was at that moment that we were certain that choosing the diet was the right path to improve her well-being. All the efforts we made, such as organizing snacks to allow her to participate in her classmates' parties or granting her small indulgences outside the home, finally made sense. The patience we invested in this journey was not in vain but had brought concrete results.

I feel like saying that the keys to success were patience and sharing. You cannot expect quick results, and communication with those close to us is essential on this journey. It's important to give yourself the necessary time, without seeking shortcuts between each stage of the journey, and to openly talk to everyone around us. In this way, everyone can be informed, and even the smallest contribution from each person can make a difference.

Mom Tiziana's Advice:

  • Don't rush... don't hurry...
  • Follow the advice and instructions of dietitians without forgetting the tastes of those who need to follow the diet.
  • The eye wants its share too: prepare beautiful dishes (as well as tasty ones).
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