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Provides 1027.2 kcal per 235.5 g


70.5 g (3 pouches) KetoBiota (Kanso) 
100 ml Coconut milk
55 g  Coconut, dried, flaked
10 g (12 pieces) Almonds
1 Freezer bag
Used Kanso products
Kanso KetoBiota
Step 1

Stir KetoBiota into the coconut milk and add 40 g of the flaked coconut. Mix everything well with a fork. Form 12 balls from the mixture. Add one almond to each ball.

Step 2

Add the remaining 15 g of coconut to the freezer bag.

Step 3

Put one ball in the bag at a time, blow some air into it, close it tightly with your hand and shake it properly.

Step 4

Put the finished balls in the freezer for about 1 hour and then serve well chilled.

Nutritional values


Total (12 balls - 235.5 g) Per ball (19.6 g)
Ketogenic Ratio 3.3:1 3.3:1
Energy (kcal) 1027.2 85.6
Fat (g)  92.9 7.7
of which MCT (g) 30.0 2.5
Carbohydrates (g) 12.0 1.0
Protein (g) 16.1 1.3